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"Being planted can be mistaken for feeling buried...Garden accordingly and watch life blossom into full potential! "
-Regan Hahn, CEO


"This coaching was so personalized and the accountability was so present there was no way I could fail. Forever grateful. "

Elaine P.

"From barely surviving to thriving! No regrets except for not doing it sooner. "

Ben G.

"The magic sauce my business was missing. We accomplished more in a month than all the years prior." 

David D.


Regan "R.C." Hahn

CEO, Founder

Ms. Hahn was born and raised in Kansas City but spent the majority of her professional career in Los Angeles, CA. Her resume includes contracts with organizations such as the NHL, MLS, and NBA and went on to hold executive positions for some of the health and fitness industries most highly accredited brands. She has appeared on multiple local and national media broadcasts sharing insights to help others maximize their personal and professional potential. She is a licensed Wellness Practitioner with an educational emphasis in Behavioral Change sciences. 

In 2015 Regan spearheaded a philanthropic community outreach business model that took the industry by storm, increasing lead generation by 215% and tripling retention metrics. These achievements led to being awarded honors of presenting at the 2017 international convention and ultimately recognition in 2019 as a top performing manager in her region, helping lead a team of 200+ employees to record breaking success.

Adjusting Fate was founded in 2013 as a private consulting agency, and in 2020 expanded it's services by collaborating with other experts in their niche to launch the virtual 30 day business accelerators course. Giving Ms. Hahn the ability to focus more energy on her strongest passion, operating the company's non-profit projects. 

In her free time she enjoys outdoor adventures, a good board game night, spending time with loved ones and binge watching comedy specials with her dog. 

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" Less wishing, more doing. The life you've always dreamed of is waiting on you. "


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