Regan "R.C." Hahn

After bouncing back from her own personal life traumas, Ms. Hahn dedicated her life's purpose to helping others find resiliency through exercise. Passionate in the hopes that sharing education around health and fitness could positively impact lives in the way it had saved her own.

Kansas City is originally home, but she spent her professional career in Los Angeles. With over a decade of experience in the health and fitness arena her resume includes providing transforming results for thousands of clients, instructing group classes on major stages, and eventually holding executive seat with some of the most highly respected brands in the industry. She has received numerous recognitions for her record-breaking performances in lead generation and retention strategies and has appeared on multiple national broadcasts and publications as a respected wellness Expert. Her educational background includes endorsements in Sports Medicine, dual training certifications, and a specialization in behavioral change science. 

In 2015 Ms. Hahn spearheaded a philanthropic community outreach business model that took the industry by storm. These charitable achievements led to the honors of speaking at the company's international convention and later to the expansion of these event strategies implemented into hundreds of health clubs nationwide.

In 2020 she resigned, to focus pouring all energy into the Adjusting Fate Foundation.

Ms. Hahn also owns a consulting agency and can still frequently be seen training occasional clients. When she's not busy passionately helping others she enjoys all types of outdoor adventures, a good board game night-in, watching comedy specials with her dog, or of course a great workout!  


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